Tuesday, 25 December 2012

All I want for Christmas is YOUUUU~

Yesterday was Christmas day~ That lovely day when family comes together and you exchange gifts and eat till you burst your seams.

Since I live away from home I always travel for xmas to wherever I am spending it. This year it was with my sister Amii and her husband's family. This was Bo's family first Christmas dinner which I thought was superrr cute~

My sister woke me up early at 7.45am. You'd think thats cute but shes 26 years old. We opened our presents from each other and from our mum, gran and aunties. After that we got washed and dressed and then watched tv before Bo's family came around, we then ate a small lunch before lazing around waiting for dinner.

We opened our presents from each other at this time, I got a lovely box with royal jelly products in. My skin is crazy and rejects most products but it loves royal jelly, I just wish it was student friendly.

Anyway onto some photos of the day~
Some wine I got from my Auntie Donna. I'm not a big lover of wine but free alcohol + Student = will drink anything. 

Our lovely dinner coooked by Bo, his parents helped out a bit. It was a wonderful meal. But now we have like 4 boxs of turkey in our fridge....turkey sandwichs and pies for a month.

So how was your Christmas? Did you have a good day? get all you wanted? I hope so~


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