Friday, 14 December 2012

Clothes Show Live Tuesday 11th December

Finally it was the last day, which is hassle. I was so tired and stressed at the end of the day I actually missed the next day of college, silly me~

Basically I had to hold fort for the day while people went shopping, We also had the 1st years come and visit us and when it was finished we had to pack up the whole stall. It was CRAZYYY!!!

Lauren's lovely green leatherette coat dress.

Our stand front~

My outfit with the stag head.

Me and My model wearing my outfit.

The final day was a hard one, it was a long day as we had a early start as well as a late finish. clearing up and packing away was long and testing. my knees and head were saying no moreeee, please stoppp~
Although we mqnaged to do it in good time, and me and Arti got home at like 10.30pm, which isn't bad timing for getting back from bham and everything.
Overall, Clothes Show Live was a great and it was a brilliant experience for me. I managed to get a few potentional work experiences and maybe one collaboration but thats all secret right now.


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