Thursday, 29 November 2012

Favourite fashion pieces that I would like to own.

SO lately I have bee doing quite a bit of window shopping, but I haven't brought anything, I'm too poor to buy anything. However I have collected a few pieces off of some websites that I would like and wish I had a money tree to buy.

ASOS River Island dress £55.00

ASOS Vancouver Flatforms £45.00

New Look Misumi Black skull print over sized jumper £27.99

Cheap Monday Black Howin Shirt £60

Forever 21 kaleidoscope crystal Leggings £8.75


This year, I've changed myself a lot, I'm on a serious diet to lose weight and I'm changing my fashion style. Trying to really push myself to how I want to look. I have chosen myself a few inspirations, most of them have bee my inspirations for a long time, in fact only one of them is new but I really do love these 4 girls and their style and dress.

So here they are:
Park Bom. Singer in 2NE1. I love this girl, her face, her clothes, her make up, her hair. When 2NE1 debuted I feel in love with Bommie, yes shes had some work done or maybe too much work done but I love her face. She reminds me a bit of me and I love that.

Suzuki Nana. A gyaru model. When I was following gyaru fashion Nana was one of my biggest inspirations and I truely adore her. I love her make up and how her hair is now short, she really rocks the style. 

Tsuji Nozomi, this girl has bee my idol since her black haired snag toothed Morning Musume days. I love her so much, I really respect her for always being herself, no matter how crazy that self is. She could ever sing very well but she always tried and she is the best mama out there, sooo cute!

Nakagawa Juria, This is the new girl, when she started appearing on tumblr and instagram i thought "this girl is cute" then slowly I saw her more and more and fell in love with her. I love her use of dark colours.....mainly because I wear a lot of black lol.

Who are your idols? Whose style do you worship? Comment i the comments below~

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Clothes Show Live 2012

Every year my college (I'm a uni student but my course campus is in a college) has a stand at Clothes Show Live as well as the second years clothes on the runway. Well as I am now in my second year it is my classes turn to show off our work.

Our brief title was "The Great Outdoors" so what does that mean to us? Well it means forests, trees, leaves, autumn, winter, animals, hiking, Eskimos etc. Well it's a good brief but it was so hard when it was sunny outside and so warm, made it so hard to think about being cold and seeing snow fall from the sky.

Well weeks have passed and now I am currently finishing off my 2 garments for Clothes Show, I feel so happy about my work this term and this year. After last year I felt a bit down as my grades pretty much sucked but I studied very hard over the summer and now I feel that my skills are really starting to improve.

Here is a few photos of how my garments are currently looking, they make me feel warm
My first garment, There is a shirt under I just haven't finished it yet, This a Leatherette paneled navy cotton long skirt, I have printed on the leatherette with my versions of tartan (wine red, bottle green and acid green), little flap pockets on the front. A thick body warmer made with a navy knitted wool and a navy cotton lining.

Outfit 2 outta garment, This is my owl skeleton printed shawl. This goes over a leatherette top and my tartan printed kilt. I really love this piece more that anything I have ever created and I can't wait till January when I finish this unit and can wear this myself.

So if you are going to Clothes Show Live, Don't forget to head over to our stand (North Hertfordshire College), we are there everyday however I will only be attending the Saturday to Tuesday. Please head over if you can~


Name: Nana Lee.
Age: 20.
Location: England/UK.
Favourite brands: KTZ, Topshop, New Look, ASOS.
Current occupation: Fashion and Design Student (University of Hertfordshire).
Favourite music: Anything that sounds nice.
Hobbies: Making things, Tweeting, Instagramming, Socializing.