Tuesday, 25 December 2012

All I want for Christmas is YOUUUU~

Yesterday was Christmas day~ That lovely day when family comes together and you exchange gifts and eat till you burst your seams.

Since I live away from home I always travel for xmas to wherever I am spending it. This year it was with my sister Amii and her husband's family. This was Bo's family first Christmas dinner which I thought was superrr cute~

My sister woke me up early at 7.45am. You'd think thats cute but shes 26 years old. We opened our presents from each other and from our mum, gran and aunties. After that we got washed and dressed and then watched tv before Bo's family came around, we then ate a small lunch before lazing around waiting for dinner.

We opened our presents from each other at this time, I got a lovely box with royal jelly products in. My skin is crazy and rejects most products but it loves royal jelly, I just wish it was student friendly.

Anyway onto some photos of the day~
Some wine I got from my Auntie Donna. I'm not a big lover of wine but free alcohol + Student = will drink anything. 

Our lovely dinner coooked by Bo, his parents helped out a bit. It was a wonderful meal. But now we have like 4 boxs of turkey in our fridge....turkey sandwichs and pies for a month.

So how was your Christmas? Did you have a good day? get all you wanted? I hope so~

Monday, 24 December 2012


Well it nearly is.....Just one more sleep till presents and foood~
As I live away from home Christmas is wonderful for me because I get fed nicely and I get to see family and most of the time I get to relax. But this time I've been rushing around to visit my family and do the rest of the shopping and work with my sister and do my assignments and ARGHHHHHH~

Well now it's Christmas eve and I'm doing my business plan as well as getting up and helping do different things for my sister and husband. This next week is the busiest I think I've been in a long time, I have Christmas tomorrow with my sister and her husbands family, then Gigi time on Thursday and on Friday its visit Faye day. I've also gotta see Mary and Baby Jonathan before I head back. Then I have New Years Eve and stufff......Life is stressfull~

Here are some photos from the past few days that can't make posts of their own as they would be baby posts - 

This is Foxtrot, she is Amii's (my sister) stray cat she took in, She dislikes people but she is so pretty.

Foxtrot and Neko having a snuggle, they have a bed each but choose to snuggle up in the smaller bed despite play fighting alll the time.

My little sister was knocked over on Thursday 20th December up in Aberdeen, She made it onto alot of news sites, she is leaving hospital today and is fine, just some superficial wounds on my face and a hairline fracture on her hip.

My shiny House of Holland tights and my shiny Asos lace socks. Such a good match I believe.

Me and my older sister on the train to see my Gran, We don't look alike at alll....She is 26 now believe it or not.

Neko playing Mass Effect 2. He hobbies include gaming, reading Bo's uni work, chasing Foxtrot and cleaning.

Me and Amii today at Westfield Stratford waiting for John Lewis stuff~

We found a Bubbleology there, upstairs by Costa. I love bubble tea and Bubbleology has some great flavours, great to know theres one here now.

AND Today they were FREE~ Can't pass up free bubble tea now. Left is ginger (Amii) and right is vanilla (me). They were super tasty, well worth going to try~

Well thats my last week in photos....I look like a crazy cat lady who drinks bubble tea hahaha~

I hope you have a Merry Christmas.....and a Happy New Year~

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Today I decided to finally go and get the piercing I have wanted for ages. A scaffolding piercing. On my right ear I have 2 lobe piercings, my top cartilage and my inner conch and on my left ear I only had 2 lobe piercings so I felt that was the ear to go with. So I went in and got myself an appointment and 
then prepared myself for this.

I hadn't had a piercing done in ages so I had kinda forgotten the pain but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be its just really become swollen which is normal for me and piercings.

Here it was straight after I had it swelling and still had the pen marks and stuff on it. I can't change the piercing for 6 months and can't change the balls for 2 months so that is a wait but that's ok I'll just have to wait.

My make up and shirt from today. I love this shirt, from Primark, it has all skeletons on it.

Do you have any piercings planned? Have you had a scaffolding piercing??

Sunday, 16 December 2012

My new hair colour~

Lately I've been having a long hard think about my hair and what colour and cut I really want it. After a discussion with friends and my boyfriend I decided on blonde but with a very light baby pink because a lot of people are saying the pink wig suits me. Well getting to blonde is going to be a kinda long process because my hair is crazy bad. It is still recovering from all the straightening treatments etc I had on it and not cutting it for over 2 years, the ends were HORRIBLE. So I decided to cut and colour it and here are the results. I went as high a shade as I could without it being bad, I had bleached it to lift the dark brown and black tones out but that was horrendous as the roots were blonde and the rest a ginger colour so i dyed this on top and I am loving it currently.

So without further a do, here is the new hair.

So what do you think?

Friday, 14 December 2012

Clothes Show Live Tuesday 11th December

Finally it was the last day, which is hassle. I was so tired and stressed at the end of the day I actually missed the next day of college, silly me~

Basically I had to hold fort for the day while people went shopping, We also had the 1st years come and visit us and when it was finished we had to pack up the whole stall. It was CRAZYYY!!!

Lauren's lovely green leatherette coat dress.

Our stand front~

My outfit with the stag head.

Me and My model wearing my outfit.

The final day was a hard one, it was a long day as we had a early start as well as a late finish. clearing up and packing away was long and testing. my knees and head were saying no moreeee, please stoppp~
Although we mqnaged to do it in good time, and me and Arti got home at like 10.30pm, which isn't bad timing for getting back from bham and everything.
Overall, Clothes Show Live was a great and it was a brilliant experience for me. I managed to get a few potentional work experiences and maybe one collaboration but thats all secret right now.

Clothes Show Live Monday 10th December

I'm so sorry this and the next post is late, I was super tired on Monday and Tuesday. Anyway here is the last 2 days of the Clothes Show Live.

So Monday I went to see the Suzuki Show in the morning and god it was AMAZINGGGGGGGG!!! Here are some photos that I took while there.
ME and Arti ready to enjoy the show

The lovely Henry Holland, God I love him.

Eurgh look at these lovely men.

This is BB. He is a darling, so lovely. I love his face, beautiful eyes.

What better way to finish then with Psy~

It was great. After we watched it we headed off to our stand and held fort once again~