Sunday, 9 December 2012

Clothes Show Live Sunday 9th December 2012

Today I worked on the college stand, promoting our course ad also promoting our selfs. This means I basically sat around until people appeared and stuff. I did however get some awesome shots of our catwalk (from the side) and I did get a video from the front but yt is taking forever to upload it so I'll update thi8s post when it's uploaded.

View from he stand onto the catwalk, also my lovely outfit on the left hand side~

Girlies on the catwalk filling up.

We are NHC, our 8 outfits all up~

If you are at Clothes Show Live, head over to the college and uni area and say hi, I'm at the North Hertfordshire College Stand~ 

Here is the video for everyone to seeeee~


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