Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pink haired fun~

Over the summer I really wanted to have pink hair, however my hair is so fragile as of late that when I dyed it blonde it was breaking at the ends so much. So what do you do when you can't dye your hair? You get a wig~

So after a long look on eBay I found a nice Luka (Vocaloid) one. Straight and with a fringe. I chose straight as they can get less messy than a curly one.

Well after I got it I only wore it for our Halloween party because I hadn't gone out anywhere T^T so I decided to dress up at home and take photos to be "cool" lol.

Here are the photos~

What do you think? Should I dye my hair to pink slowly??


  1. You're so cute! The wig suits you. C:

    1. aww thank you hunnny~ I really like it, I wana dye my hair pink now ;A;