Monday, 24 December 2012


Well it nearly is.....Just one more sleep till presents and foood~
As I live away from home Christmas is wonderful for me because I get fed nicely and I get to see family and most of the time I get to relax. But this time I've been rushing around to visit my family and do the rest of the shopping and work with my sister and do my assignments and ARGHHHHHH~

Well now it's Christmas eve and I'm doing my business plan as well as getting up and helping do different things for my sister and husband. This next week is the busiest I think I've been in a long time, I have Christmas tomorrow with my sister and her husbands family, then Gigi time on Thursday and on Friday its visit Faye day. I've also gotta see Mary and Baby Jonathan before I head back. Then I have New Years Eve and stufff......Life is stressfull~

Here are some photos from the past few days that can't make posts of their own as they would be baby posts - 

This is Foxtrot, she is Amii's (my sister) stray cat she took in, She dislikes people but she is so pretty.

Foxtrot and Neko having a snuggle, they have a bed each but choose to snuggle up in the smaller bed despite play fighting alll the time.

My little sister was knocked over on Thursday 20th December up in Aberdeen, She made it onto alot of news sites, she is leaving hospital today and is fine, just some superficial wounds on my face and a hairline fracture on her hip.

My shiny House of Holland tights and my shiny Asos lace socks. Such a good match I believe.

Me and my older sister on the train to see my Gran, We don't look alike at alll....She is 26 now believe it or not.

Neko playing Mass Effect 2. He hobbies include gaming, reading Bo's uni work, chasing Foxtrot and cleaning.

Me and Amii today at Westfield Stratford waiting for John Lewis stuff~

We found a Bubbleology there, upstairs by Costa. I love bubble tea and Bubbleology has some great flavours, great to know theres one here now.

AND Today they were FREE~ Can't pass up free bubble tea now. Left is ginger (Amii) and right is vanilla (me). They were super tasty, well worth going to try~

Well thats my last week in photos....I look like a crazy cat lady who drinks bubble tea hahaha~

I hope you have a Merry Christmas.....and a Happy New Year~


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