Monday, 17 June 2013

Recent gets~

SO since I've started working I've been able to buy a few things here and there that I've been wanting for a while. So without further ado here are my recent gets: 

W♥C Tattoo tights:

I don't think these are real W♥C mainly because they only cost me 99p. Either way I love these tights and they got such a good reaction at Uni. 

 Ahcahcum Muchacha Cat Handbag:
I saw this bag everywhere on tumblr and instagram for ages and I was like 'OMG ultimate cat lady bag' so after long deliberation with myself and with that voice in my head saying 'Do I really need another bag?' I decided to buy 3am in the morning.....I have no regrets.

OMG Moustache Tattoo Tights:

These are honestly the most amazing pair of tights I own....and I own quite a few pairs including dinosaur ones I made myself. I wore these out about 2 weeks ago and I love them. I wanted to live in them. they are so soft. 

 Luminous Change Eyelash - 09 Bottom Lash:
I believe these are called Super Size Eye, but I'm not too sure. Ages ago Gigi messaged me asking if I'd like these as she needed a certain amount to get free shipping, I said yes, I needed new bottom lashes and these are pretty. I haven;t worn them out the house yet I've just tried them at home, going to do a lash review soon.

Soft Cash Book:
One of my biggest problems in life is tracking my finances, however with being paid every 2 weeks (Yes I'm a lucky bugger) I need a way I can track my money without having to relay on the internet. This way I can also keep a track on what i spent my money on, including when I withdraw. I'm hoping this will help me out, I only received this book about 2 days ago so I need to start filling it in but I have hope.

Well that's what I have purchased in the past month, I'm not gonna be spending any more for a while now (I hope I stick to this) because I'm aiming to buy material to make more clothes for my shop that I am starting. 


  1. OMG, are those the lower lashes you've been wearing recently? They look so goooodd. Opens up your eyes so much more. I've always had trouble with putting on lower lashes, the position just doesn't seem right.

    1. yeah they are the ones of the fb photos.....I love them...I haven't worn lower lashes in ages it killed at first but these are so easy to use and positioning is so easy with them.