Friday, 21 June 2013

20th June 2013. 100% Fashion Catwalk.

20th June 2013 was the 100% Fashion Show, this is a fashion show that showcases the work from the past year from all the fashion courses taught at North Hertfordshire College. This is where my Foundation Degree was taught in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire.

The garments I showcased were my 'Great Outdoors' pieces and my 'Land Before Time' Collection. I have shown bits and pieces from my LBT collection lately but this was the first time all five pieces were up together. 

When I knew they would be coming on next I had this overwhelming feeling in my chest, like is this it, all my hard work for these 2 minutes. I wasn't worried about how the girls would do because I knew no matter what they did they would make it look amazing.

 My models were:
Great Outdoors: Ben Jarvis. Finlay Parfitt.
Land Before Time(In order):  Carmen Pat, Finlay Parfitt, Yvonne Zhang, Waiman Law, Magda Kurkowska.

So without further ado, please enjoy~

Lastly here is the video of my Land Before Time Catwalk. Please enjoy~


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